Wednesday, February 18, 2004

February 2004 Update

18th update

Not very much news to report. Two events are on the horizon which might interest readers who live within reach of northern New Jersey. The first is an exhibition of work which will take place in the Atrium Gallery which is within the Municipal Court buildings in Morristown from sometime around the end of April until July. The other is a slide show and lecture at the New Jersey Historical Society on Saturday May 8th, subject yet to be determined.

I did send out a February update but I have noticed that email has recently become less reliable than it used to be and I am wondering all of the copies reached their addressees. If anyone reading this did not receive a copy and would like one please email me.

Mel Gibson's film 'The Passion' is scheduled to be released in about a week's time and I am anticipating that it will result in an increased interest in everything to do with The Passion and Holy Week which will probably result in more traffic to the site as people search online for images of Gethsemane, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.

24th update

I am very pleased to be able to report that from today StainedGlassPhotography cards may be purchased from the giftshop in St Bartholomew's (St Bart's) Episcopal Church on Park Avenue in New York (between 50th and 51st). I personally made the first delivery today so that they would be available for people attending the Ash Wednesday services. The cards are also going to be available both physically and online at the Episcopal Book and Resource Center whose shop is on 2nd Avenue
and, in addition, the Book and Resource Center is planning to stock some larger-sized prints.


I thought that I should make an entry today as this date only comes around every four years! This week saw the release of The Passion of Christ after a very skillfully managed publicity campaign. I went to see it on Friday and it is probably the most poweful film I have ever seen. I read an interesting comment earlier today which unfortunately I am unable to attribute because I did not see the whole article. Basically the question was posed that, in light of the huge success of The Passion of Christ, has the cinema become the stained glass of the 21st century? Films about the Bible and the Life of Jesus are not a new phenomenon and they have not all been given the 'Hollywood Gloss' as, say, 'The Ten Commanments' or 'King of Kings'. I seem to recall that 'The Gospel according to St Mark' had a few things in common with The Passion of Christ, at least in terms of it's realism, the treatment and the use of relatively unknown actors. Nevertheless, Gibson's Passion of Christ marks a watershed and it will be interesting to see what develops and evolves from it.

In anticipation of some interest in Passion, Holy Week and Resurrection images today I revamped the cards section. We have decided to make the individual card purchase option a permanent feature and so what we have done is to create a common 'Cards' page from which can be accessed 'Individual Cards' and 'Sets of Cards' and to both we have added some images which are appropriate to The Passion and the run up to Easter. However, if the image(s) which you like are not represented on the
card pages please email us and ask because most of the images on the site, and others not yet up[loaded, can be available as cards or even larger prints.

On a slightly less serious note it is interesting to see what happens with keywords in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. I just tried a few searches around 'The Passion of Christ' and this site is nowhere, at least not in the first 23 pages brought back by Google, unless you add the two magic words 'stained' and 'glass' and then we come up #2 in Yahoo and about #4 in Google. It will be interested to see if this page comes higher ranked in the general search. Google updates quite often and the Google spiders visit every day or two.