Friday, May 16, 2003

May 2003 Update

16th update

website is due to be featured in the New Jersey 'Star Ledger' on May 22nd in
the 'Essex Towns' section. I was interviewed earlier in the week by Carmen Juri,
a reporter from the paper, and was then photographed by Tony Cho 'on location'
at St Luke's Episcopal Church in Montclair.

am continuing to find and photograph new windows. Last week I took pictures
of a very nice Tiffany window in St Peter's Church in Morristown. I will need
to obtain permission from the church before posting any of the pictures online
but I am hoping that they will be supportive. There are two churches in Ridgewood
whose windows I am planning to shoot just as soon as I have the right combination
of my availability and favourable weather conditions.

June 7th I will be exhibiting some work in the Art on Waverly show in Madison,
New jersey. This is an outdoor show with booths around Waverly Place and I understand
that it is usually very well-attended.

June 14th the Montclair Historical Society has arranged a guided tour of several
of Montclair's historic places of worship. The tour will end at St Luke's Episcopal
Church where a small reception will take place and I have agreed to show some
of my work to those attending, with particular emphasis on the local churches
in which I have photographed.

6th update

This is just
to mention that if you can get to northern New Jersey and are interested in
seeing some actual prints of this work there are a few retail outlets where
examples may be found and these are listed here