Tuesday, November 05, 2002

November 2002 Update

5th update

are beginning to move again. We have uploaded some more pictures and there are
almost 100 more in the pipeline, including some new Tiffany works. In addition
we posted some of the shots of Connick works at the Basilica of the Immaculate
Conception in Washington, DC and some of the studio's more recent works from
St Luke's Episcopal Church in Montclair, New Jersey. Both of these last two
can be found in folders on the photo.net website and are accessible via a link
in the Links section.

the last month or so I have shot windows in two churches in Montclair, both
of which feature some Tiffany windows, and I am in discussions with a third
which is said to have some particularly fine examples.

are looking into ways of streamlining the process of uploading pictures which
presently consumes too much of Eric's valuable time and if we are successful
in achieving that then visitors should see a big change in the pace at which
new pictures are added and we should see a broadening out of the makers represented
which is currently slanted towards the works of Morris and his associates.

addition the enhancements referred to in the last update are still in the works.