Thursday, October 23, 2003

October 2003 Update

October 14th

Kia Ora!
Welcome to all our new visitors from New Zealand!

A couple
of days ago there was a spike in traffic as measured by my statistics analyser.
It wasn't the biggest spike we have ever seen but it was nevertheless noticeable
and raised my curiousity. It seems that someone called Max Newman who edits
a weekly newsletter for xtra, which is part of the MSN Network had said some
kind words about the site and this was prompting people to look us over. Well,
I wish all our new guests a warm welcome and thankyou Max!

There is
not much other news to report. The Convent of St Elizabeth work is progressing
well and there will definitely be an exhibit of work at their Christmas Concert
on December 7th. I would urge anyone who can get to Morristown in New Jersey
to obtain a ticket and plan to attend. The setting is really beautiful, I am
sure that the music will be superb and there will be some fine photographs to
be viewed afterwards. Prints will be on sale as will cards, all featuring the
exquisite windows in the chapel of the Motherhouse, and a significant portion
of the proceeds will be used by the Sisters for charitable purposes. By way
of a preview, here
is a detail from one of the windows at St Elizabeth's Convent. The angel is
from an Annunciation window

Today I added
a "Help Us" page and installed links from this page (see above) and
from the home page. I thought that it was timely to remind our visitors that
what is offered as a 'free' resource actually costs money to provide and we
genuinely do need help and support from our visitors if we are to continue to
provide the facility.

Last but
not least can I urge any of you who are planning to order cards from us to please
place your order sooner rather than later. We do not carry large numbers of
these in stock and if there is a significant demand for them all at once then
I can foresee difficulties in getting them delivered in time. I realise that
it is only mid-October but the more orders which can be placed and fulfilled
between now and mid-November the happier I shall be.