Wednesday, July 30, 2003

July 2003 Update

July 30th

This is not
so much an update but more a request for help in tracking down a window which
was stolen last weekend. The window in question is a 12-panel rose window featuring
a landscape scene and was made by Lamb Studios in 1903. The window had been
undergoing repair and maintenance work and was scheduled to be reinstalled on
July 28th but unfortunately the van into which it had been loaded was stolen
from Secaucus in northern New Jersey. As there were no markings on the van it
can reasonably assumed that the van itself was the target of the theft but it
is quite possible that the thieves may try to sell the window to a dealer. Should
anyone who reads this hear of a window being offered for sale which might be
this one I would ask that they contact me via the details on the 'contact us'
page or call Don Samick, President of Lamb Studios on 1-877-700-LAMB.

If you are
a returning visitor to the site then you will probably have noticed the appearance
of some advertisements. I did originally hope to be able to maintain the site
without resort to advertising but, alas, economic necessity dictates otherwise.
The particular brand of advertising which is marketed by Google promises 'relevant'
advertising and it is entirely passive - if you are not interested then simply
do not click on it. I promise faithfully that I will not ever sign up for any
'pop-up' or 'pop-under' advertising which I personally find extremely irritating.
As for the Google ads the jury is still out and I will be closely monitoring
how they impact the aesthetic appeal of the site.