Saturday, August 03, 2002

August 2002 Update

August 3rd

In light
of the renewed interest in Mary Magdalene as a result of the publication of
the popular 'Da Vinci Code' I decided to add a folder containing a few images
of her. All of these images are in other folders on the site but this way they
will be easier to find should anyone be keyword searching using the name Magdalene.
I also decided to add another folder which should have been uploaded last year
but somehow missed the boat. This new folder includes an interesting variety
of works. Many are from Church of the Incarnation which is home to some splendid
Tiffany works as well as others by leading 19th and early 20thC makers. Also
in there are a few pictures from St Paul's in Irton, including one of my personal
favourites - the Tibertine Sibyl and some works from two churches in Scotland.
All-told this has added 115 new images to the site.

4th update

trip to Maine was great. It is a beautiful part of the world and we had fun
just exploring and enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings and being
close to the sea.

was constantly on the lookout for examples of stained glass but in the places
we visited there were few examples of the kind of pictorial windows which I
like to photograph. Two churches are worth mentioning, however: The Second Congregational
Church of Searsport Harbor and St Saviour's church in Bar Harbor.

were directed to the church in Searsport Harbor by an artist who makes stained
glass artwork who told us that it contained some beautiful Tiffany windows.
A few days later we visited and met with Bob and Jane Mercier, two of the 5
remaining members of the congregation, who told us all about the windows and
about the campaign to raise funds for their restoration. It seems that opinions
are divided as to whether the windows can definitely be attributed to Tiffany
but there is no disputing the fact that they are exceptionally fine works of
art and certainly the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship are consistent
with a studio such as Tiffany's. I shot a roll of film in an attempt to capture
the glowing, jewel-like, colours and will add them to the growing list of work
to be uploaded onto the site.

we did not find St Saviour's episcopal church in Bar Harbor until one evening
towards the end of our trip. We were driving around Bar Harbor and were passing
the church when I noticed what appeared to be some interesting and fine windows.
I parked the car and was looking around the outside when I met with the Senior
Warden of the church who had just locked up for the night. Although I was not
able to go inside I was given a leaflet and have determined that this church
could, of itself, be justification for a return visit to Maine. The church has
no less than 42 important windows. At least 10 are by Tiffany studios and many
others are by great makers including Maitland Armstrong (senior) and Heaton
& Butler. The windows span over a century, from the late 1800's to the last
20 years or so. It is thought that this church has more Tiffany windows in one
building than anywhere else in the state of Maine.

23rd update

it is launched at last! "Angels in Glass"is
finally available for purchase.

I say it myself, this really is a fine product. The images are quite varied
but what they have in common is quality - the works which they illustrate
are simply exquisite.

have been running a prototype of this screensaver on my own PC for some weeks
now and I have to say that it looks superb. If you like the images on this website
then you simply have to see some of them full-screen - the difference is amazing.
Also, with 62 images in total, it takes a long time to even get familiar with
the screensaver never mind getting bored or tired of it!

you like Morris and Burne-Jones or Tiffany or some of the other makers you are
sure to find works on here that you will enjoy.

is also a really great and quite unusual gift for a friend or loved-one, a gift
which combines art, love and spirituality with utility.

don't forget that all purchases from us are protected by our 30-day no-quibble
guarantee and by 'no-quibble' we mean just that. If for any reason you
need or wish to return the product we will either replace it or give you a refund,
whichever you request.

on another topic, there are now some pictures taken in Cologne Cathedral on
the site which can be accessed via the Links section. The few shots
I was able to take of these beautiful and richly-coloured panels are well worth
a visit.

7th update

to mention that I have uploaded a few shots of the windows at the Second Congregational
Church in Searsport Harbor, Maine, to the website. They are in a folder
named after the church and can be found via a link in the links section. At
time of writing I have only uploaded 5 shots but I should be getting others
back from the lab later today and may add to the folder if the results are good.
As I mentioned earlier the maker of these fine windows is unknown but they really
are exquisite and are rich in both colour and texture.