Saturday, February 15, 2003

February 2003 Update

15th update

any appearances to the contrary, things are still moving along.

I had hoped that I would have been able to report changes to the way images
are uploaded and stored on the site some time ago but sadly this has not been
possible. Even today there are some i's to be dotted and t's crossed before
this is completed, but I honestly believe that we are getting close.

some time there has been a folder of work from St Luke's Episcopal Church in

Montclair, NJ on the site. Because this is very much a prototype with the pictures
not properly labelled and with no logos we have not included any links to it.
However, today I decided that it had simply been too long since we last provided
an update and so here is a link
I would be interested to receive feedback in terms of how the images look and
whether the thumbnails are of good sizes but please ignore the inadequate labelling,
this is just an early prototype. Any input regarding the speed of loading of
the thumbnail page would also be helpful, especially from visitors who are using
dial-up internet connections.

December I was priviledged to be granted permission to take photographs of the
windows in Jesus College Cambridge. I was particularly interested in seeing
and photographing these because they include some early uses of some of my favourite
Morris, Burne-Jones and Madox Brown designs. The permission was granted for
'personal use only' and on condition that I provide a copy of the pictures to
the college and I will therefore require permission before posting any of that
work online but in the meantime you can see some of the college's own pictures
at their
In addition to the many examples of Morris glass they also
have some fine reproductions of the windows at Chartres which were made by Pugin
in the 19th century and a wooden ceiling by Morris Company in the medieval style.

recently I have begun work on 4 churches in New Jersey:


Central Presbyterian Church in Summit which has 3 Tiffany windows amongst a
range of other works.

St John's Episcopal Church in Somerville which has 4 Tiffany works, including
one landscape work which has been on loan to a museum in Brooklyn and is now
being restored.

Calvary Episcopal Church in Summit which has an impressive collection of windows
by Powell of Whitechapel as well as a Tiffany rose window.

Trinity Episcopal Church in Woodbridge which has, amongst others, two fine 19th
century windows by an as-yet-unidentified maker.

already have some results from two of these. Some of the ones from St John's
may be viewed here
. I would hope to have them all photographed by the end of
this month, weather and other time-commitments permitting.

this is a reminder that until we are able to resume uploading to this site we
will continue to post work temporarily on